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  1.Blog pages

"On this site, I'm  writing about  the impression of the classical music and progress on my proprietary high resolution music player App."



When I was a child, I have really liked the music like  high or medium tempo. Allegro nice. Presto good! Allegro con brio great! Because my heart was dynamic. But my taste in music had changed and grown up when I had listened to ...

Blog is my impression of listening to classical music.

I write that impression of various things, essay, idea, daily thought. I welcome various comments.

Progress of music player App


I try to make a App that have my proprietary high resolution. And I would like to make App that have multi-function as much as I can. But I wouldn't make App that playback "mp3" files what is lossy compression. So my App can playback the following files. They are ".wav", ".aif" and "flac" so far.

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